I Would Do Anything for Love, but I Won’t Do That

Confessions of an (A)romantic

Quite regularly, people I interact with wrongly assume that I am not able to display behaviours that are normally coded as “romantic”, which makes being in a romantic relationship challenging. It’s why I have not had any luck

Actually, it’s the exact opposite. I act in romantic ways; I would say that I am even clingy at times. I believe that love is abundant, even infinite.  To me, there is absolutely no excuse for treating friends in mediocre ways, because one is not single. The Economy of Care needs to be seriously challenged.

Relationship Anarchy: Philosophy of Love

As I find love to be very central in my life (I crave emotionally salient relationships), one of the only thing I am not prepared to do for love is hierarchizing my relationships (to fit social or other norms). While I would consider refusing to associate with people who treat others like…

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